Different Ideas For A Wedding Car

One of the most memorable and exciting moments of your life could be when you arrive at your wedding venue to finally get married to the love of your life. So when this moment comes, why not make sure everything about it is perfect, including your choice of transportation?

If you’re not sure how to achieve this but you know you’re not interested in a standard car or taxi dropping you off to get married, have a look at some of our ideas to find inspiration.

Old-fashioned vintage

When we say vintage, we’re definitely not talking about being driven to your wedding in a friend’s car they’ve since the nineties. Many specialist companies let you hire beautifully restored and maintained cars from the early 20th century, all of which are absolutely perfect for weddings. You could opt for a tiny car just big enough for the happy couple, or a classic stretch limo to accommodate the entire family!

Classic iconic vehicles

If your taste is for something a little more modern but the idea of a contemporary car doesn’t appeal, you could take inspiration from some of the most iconic vehicles of the last few decades. Volkswagen camper vans are extremely popular wedding vehicles, as they’re universally loved and perfect for a more relaxed theme. Smaller classics like the Beetle and the Mini are also top choices, or you could even go for the opposite in terms of scale and hire a classic London bus for your wedding!

Horse-drawn coach

Another popular wedding tradition that goes back many decades, this option does away with motorised vehicles altogether and goes back to a simpler time. For a real classic look, you might go for white horses pulling a decorated carriage to bring the bride to the venue or take the happy couple away towards their honeymoon. What could be more romantic?

Novelty themed vehicles

There really is no limit other than your imagination if you decide to opt for something extra-creative. Perhaps your wedding has a consistent theme that you want to stick with, or perhaps you just have a mutual love for a particular film or TV show and you want to make an iconic vehicle part of your special day. We’ve seen a number of famous vehicles appearing as wedding cars, including references to Herbie, Only Fools and Horses, Starsky and Hutch, The A Team, Wallace and Gromit, Transformers, Ghostbusters… the list really does go on.