The World’s Most Expensive Cities For Transport

A lot of people believe that their own home city is probably the most expensive one of all for transport, especially if you live somewhere like London where prices are known to be relatively high across the board. However, even the capital city of the UK doesn’t quite rank at the top of the world’s most expensive places for transport, although it does feature a little further down on the list.

Research in the last year has confirmed the list of countries with the most expensive public transport networks, with average prices for one journey converted into GBP for comparison purposes. Here are a few examples that made it to the top of the table.

1) Copenhagen

With bus or tram tickets costing an average of £3.25 for just a single fare, Copenhagen tops the list as the world’s most expensive city for public transport. While it remains a popular tourist destination, especially in the UK as flights are very affordable and quick, this price might put some people off.

2) Stockholm

Despite Sweden being known for its happy and friendly population, commuters must be grumbling about the prices of Stockholm’s public transport network, since single fares typically cost £2.93.

3) London

Okay, so London is among the most costly cities in the world for locals to get around. It may not be the worst in the world, but number three on the list is pretty impressive, with an average ticket costing £2.83 one way.

4) Oslo

Norway is known for its expensive prices, so it’s not particularly surprising that its capital city charges the world’s fourth highest prices for rides on its public transportation. The average ticket will set you back £2.67 in this European city.

Bonus: New York City

We thought it was worth mentioning that one of our personal favourite destinations in the world, New York City, has an impressively low average cost for its network of subway trains and buses. In fact, with a single fare costing only £1.93, this works out as one of the cheapest major cities on the planet. Who would have guessed?