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5 tips for driving test success

5 Tips for Passing Your Driving Test for the First Time

Are you nervous and worried about acing your driving test? Don’t be. If you take your driving classes and practices seriously, then you have a good chance of passing the test behind the wheel. Driving for the first time can be both an overwhelming and exciting experience—and the driving test is no different. Raise the likelihood of your driving test success by keeping these five tips in mind.

1.   Find a great driving instructor.

The first step to making sure you will succeed in your driving test is to find a good driving instructor who will guide you through your learning and practice. So before you take your first driving lesson, look for recommendations from your family and friends as well as on the internet.

In the UK, qualified instructors are licensed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency or DVSA. For example, if you are looking for a driving instructor in Wisbech, narrow down your choices to those who are approved by the DVSA as driving instructors.

Also, choose an instructor from a reputable driving school who you feel comfortable learning and practising with.

2. Get enough training.

Take enough driving lessons because if you don’t, you will just hurt your chances of passing your driving test. The DVSA recommends an average of 45 hours of professional training along with 22 hours of practice. Make time for your driving lessons and practices if you really want to succeed in your first driving test.

3. Make yourself comfortable with driving in your car.

Lots of practice can help you become more comfortable with driving. Better yet, as often as you can, try to practice driving in the particular vehicle make and model that you will use for the actual test so that you will easily get the hang of the different systems and controls in the car.

Initially, practice with your instructor. When you feel a bit more confident, you can start practising on your own.

It is also smart to know the possible routes you will be driving during the test. Familiarity with the area around the testing centre will help you ace the test.

4. Be aware of your usual mistakes and avoid them.

Take note of what your instructor says about the common mistakes you make when driving and avoid them as much as possible. The common driving test errors include inappropriate speed, incorrect lane changing, failure to check blind spots (especially when reverse parking), and improper signal use. Ask your instructor for tips to lessen those errors.

5. Relax!

If you are too anxious and you over think about whether you will make it or not, you are just setting yourself up for failure. Instead, think positively—imagine yourself cruising smoothly and steadily on the road. You will need a lot of positivity to boost your mental alertness and reflexes while taking your driving test.

Ample preparation is the key to your driving test success. Make sure you have it before you take the test. Good luck!