We are offering advertising opportunities. If you are in the limousine transportation business, then you will be able to attract prospective buyers by placing ads in our magazine. Our magazine has grown over time and now we have thousands of subscribers. Every month we have more than 30,000 page views. We offer various advertising formats that will increase the visibility of your brand. We have a performance tracking tool using which we can generate performance reports for our advertisers. So, you will know how well your ad is working.

We provide various advertising options. This includes:

Banner ads

You can place banner ads of different sizes in different positions of our Home page and other pages. The largest banner size we are offering is 728 X 90. The best position to place the ad is on the top leaderboard.

Sponsored post

We can write about your product or service. We have the best writers in our team who will make your product or service presentable to the readers. It will increase your chance of getting customers for your business.

Sponsored events

We organize various events throughout the year. You can sponsor these events and get the chance to showcase your business. By sponsoring events, you can get closer to the potential customers. You can distribute your marketing materials like leaflets, brochures, etc. and also get the chance to form a rapport with the customers.

To know about our advertising rates, please contact our advertising team. We will send you our advertising kit. Our ad spaces are limited, so book your space early!